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Phoenix Grass Lighting

Your ideal partner for a perfect field
Accelerate the growth of your lawn

With the latest LED technology, Phoenix Grass Lighting emits a light spectrum specially designed to optimize the growth of sport grass and rooting while being 60% more economical.

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4000 W


12 m long

Light Spectrum

96 m² totally homogeneous



Optimized to accelerate the growth of your grass, phoenix grass lighting is the ideal machine to help your greenkeeper throughout the season



The maintenance of a golf course is very thorough. Nothing like Phoenix to regulate the growth of your turf in record time


"Green Sports"

Looking for a machine that can help you every day in the maintenance of your lawn?
Look no further, we are your ideal partner.

Advantages and features
Our product, performance and features
4000 W
60% less energy
Mix of wavelengths optimized for photosynthesis
Homogeneous flux
Wheels « turf friendly »
Manoeuvrability : a man can move it easily
Super resistant to rain and extreme weather conditions
Better regrowth and rooting of the grass
The phoenix grass lighting project