During a soccer game the pitch is suffering from sliding’s and other incidents. The greenkeepers’ job is to make sure the pitch is repaired and to get it back in shape for the next match. Time is not always on their side. To speed up the growing of the grass, there is a need for additional light to replace sunlight when the field is in the shade or at night.

Here is where the Phoenix Grass Lighting comes in : An ingenious solution that makes the grass rise and shine again!

First tests in-house


The Superlighting division of GDTech Engineering specializes in the R&D of different kinds of applications using MicroLED technology. In order to offer replacement for existing grass growth technology that uses outdated light sources, it was decided to build a machine able to do the same job but faster, better and with less power. That’s how the Phoenix project came to see the light.

As a first step, a twelve month period was dedicated to spectral studies and initial testing in-house. Not only did we want to establish the correct composition and timing of light that stimulates the growth of grass, we also wanted to reach this goal with minimal energy consumption.


After the spectrum was established, our engineers designed a first miniature prototype to be able to test it on a real football pitch. This first small version, as you can see in the picture, was not much more than a basic horizontal and rectangular frame of 2m² where the transverse elements were equipped with specific selected colors and strengths of MicroLED’s.

First Prototype of the Project

Prototype at the “Standard de Liège”


A small prototype was build and soon had its first encounter with a real football pitch at the “Standard de Liège” soccer club. During a period of several months covering both spring and winter, the systems’ performance was closely monitored by the team of professional greenkeepers to keep learn all about the effects on the grass in different weather conditions.

The results were stunning! Not only did the prototype of this mini Phoenix Grass Lighting make the grass grow faster, it also revealed that it enhanced the rooting to grow stronger into the soil !


Driven by the positive results and success, the GDTech Superlighting team obtained the green light of upper management to develop a full size prototype which would be able to cover a larger surface of the grass field. The concept of the Phoenix Line for growth lighting was born.

Numerous hours of studies and development later, a 12 meter long machine came out of the imagination of our engineers. Thanks to its design and elegant linear structure, it’s able to cover a surface of 72m².

From the thinking to the conception…

Arrival at the Belgian Football Center


The year 2016 was a turning point in the project. In fact, within a couple of months in the production facility, the first full size of the Phoenix Line was ready to leave the workshop and ready to show its capabilities and stunning performance.

Around that time, GDTech Superlighting signed a collaboration agreement with the Belgian Football Center at Tubize. BFC is an ultra modern premise offering all the necessary infrastructure and tools to train the different national teams. From this day on, the two entities work hand in hand in the Phoenix adventure.


Starting July 2016, the first impact of this partnership results in immediate action as the Center agrees to further test the first Phoenix Line on their pitches where it was analyzed particularly by the maintenance teams.

The future…

2017: the future is already here!

Although GDTech Superlighting continuous to further develop and improve its Phoenix Grass Lighting concept in collaboration with the Phytosystems’ laboratories at the University of Liege to further optimize and quantify the biological efficiency of the Phoenix, the first version is ready to be released to the market.

After 5 years of studies and development, our team is proud to introduce to you the result and would be pleased to welcome you at the Belgian Football Center for a live demonstration.

IMG_4646 (2)

Prototype of the Phoenix Line in action at the Belgian Football Center