The Phoenix “Line” is the first model of the Phoenix Grass Lighting series. Its structure measures 11,98 meters long, 1,375 meters wide and 1,82 meters high.

It is able to cover up to 72m² of grass. Each part of this product has been designed with ease of use and high performance in mind (Datasheet).

Power and Homogeneity

Each light module consumes only 400W.

Its design and its optical lenses were specifically studied to get ultimate equality of the light output on the field.

Two machines can be placed parallel one to another with 6 meters of distance between them and still offer perfect equal light spread on the ground.

Improve the Photosynthesis

The specific wavelengths emitted by the MicroLED were established scientifically in order to effectively boost the photosynthesis.

The result is that we can observe a big improvement in grass growing and strengthening of the rooting !

Easy to move

The machine is light and equipped with a retractable drawbar.

This allows the greenkeeper to move the Phoenix “Line” on the pitch without extra help.

Due to its retractability the drawbar does not block the light stream of the Phoenix Line while in operation.

Minimal impact on the pitch

The tires mounted on the Phoenix Line are studied to minimize the impact of the machine on the grass.

The pressure on the grass is neglectable.

Excellent Waterproofing

All parts used on the Phoenix Line are waterproof.

The machine can therefore be used in all weather conditions.

Maximum security

All the efforts were made to guarantee the security of the user.

Each machine has its own independent electrical power box.

An emergency switch is installed to immediately cut off all power. Moreover all the LED modules have individual circuit breakers.