The Phoenix Grass Lighting technology has numerous advantages when compared to the classic solutions using old light technology in existing grass lighting systems:

Stunning power savings as high as 60%!

Grass growth is optimized due to use of the exact luminous spectrum required.

Enhances the strength of the rooting..

Life time of LED modules is 10x longer resulting in significant reduction of maintenance cost. No more bulbs to replace !

No more risk for explosion of bulbs so potential glass fragments on the pitch are avoided.

LED’s hardly produce any heat so it allows unlimited use of the technology without the risk of burning the grass.

It is safe to operate and move after being in use without risk of burning the user.

There is no drying effect on grass and its roots means no need for extra hydration.

Finally, the Phoenix system is designed for easy adaptation or replacement of the LED modules. It allows your systems to be upgraded taking advantage of the latest developments that result from continuous research in our laboratories by our biologists.